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Pennies From Heaven

Total raised to date:  £4,378

The Pennies From Heaven appeal is another fund raising initiative where we are asking friends, family and neighbours to help by setting aside any loose change to help with the upkeep of the church Thanks to all for your continuing support!

February 2019

Christian Aid

Thanks to all those who helped to raise a very welcome £1,815 for Christian Aid this year. Well done folks!

June 2018

New Parish Name

As from 1st May 2009 All Saints’ Elton and St James’ Woolfold will remain the names by which our two parish churches are known, but they now come under a single parish, the newly named Parish of Kirklees Valley.

May 2009

New Church Appeal

Seven years of fund raising for the new church building eventually realised in excess of £940,000 and allowed building work to commence in July 2007. Over 90% came directly from parishoners, showing a high level of commitment to developing a new worship centre.

We also enjoyed excellent support from many other benefactors (see below).

July 2007

Learn about our sponsors:
Alice Latimer

The Way We Were

 By Alice Latimer

A lifelong resident of Elton and member of its parish church is using her rich memories of the past to build for the future.

Alice Latimer has written a book, entitled "The Way We Were", in which she recalls her own younger days and the people and events of old Elton in order to raise funds for the new All Saints Church and Parish Centre.

First published in 2001, she has since sold hundreds of copies, raising over £2,200. Full story, together with some fascinating extracts, can be seen here:

The Way We Were

July 2018

Scarecrow Festival

Scarecrow Festival

This year's theme –People From History

Following the success in previous years of this event, it will take place again this year over the week Fri 14th to Sat 22nd September 2018.

And concluding with the Family Fun Day on Sunday 23rd September 2018 (1.30pm – 4pm).

Learn to make a Scarecrow at our Scarecrow Workshop in St. Francis House, off Hebburn Drive, Brandlesholme, on Tuesday, 14th August 2018 (10.00am – 3pm)

Download a starter pack here: Scarecrow Starter Pack

June 2018

Christian Aid week raises £1,815

Christian Aid

A thank you message from Christian Aid:

(rebuilding lives in Haiti)

A big thank you for all you have done this Christian Aid Week, and all that you continue to do. With your help, we have built a new home for Marcelin. As we handed Marcelin his keys the whole community came to celebrate with him! Thank you to all who have been a part of loving our neighbours in Christian Aid Week this year.

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