Our Mission
All Saints  & St James

These are exciting times here in our parish. After many years of planning and fundraising work we now have the new All Saints church and are in the process of refurbishing St. Francis House as a parish centre. St. James have just completed a refurbishment of the church, replacing the pews with chairs and making the building more accessible. There is great excitement now that much of our vision has turned into reality!   (see Recent History)

While our buildings have been renewed, the mission of the congregation has remained the same as ever: to meet together for the worship of God; to share the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ with others and to nurture them in the Christian way.

Our new vision is to enhance our mission and service in Christ’s name to the community. Much of this will be in partnership with others who are desperate for facilities where they can work among the young, the elderly and those with special needs.

We are most grateful to all who have supported us on our journey so far whether through their prayers, their donations or, as in many cases, by offering both. We extend our sincere thanks to them all.

Please pray for us, that in all that we do God may guide, inspire, resource and use us.

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